Who We Are

     How are we different from every other online bookstore? Most of our books come directly from the authors' private stock, so when you buy a book here, a larger portion of your money goes directly to the person who wrote the book, rather than distributors and other middle men. It's tough times for small press, and we're doing our part to help feed the hungry authors. The Literary Underworld was created by an author, run by authors, and when we tour conventions and book fairs throughout the U.S., you'll find authors working the booth.

     Our books are mostly trade paperbacks, with a few mass-markets. Mostly they come from small presses of speculative fiction, purveyors of horror, science fiction, fantasy and erotica. We also offer ebook downloads of novels and some short stories.

     We hope you will make the Literary Underworld your first stop for speculative fiction, with an eye to keeping independent authors in business creating the wonderful, dark and fantastic worlds you love to visit.

     And look for us at conventions and book fairs throughout the U.S.!



  • D.A. Adams
  • Apex Books
  • BlackWyrm Publishing
  • Branson's General Store
  • Dandelion Studios
  • Dark Arts Press
  • Dark Oak Press/Kerlak Publishing
  • Elizabeth Donald
  • Elonka Dunin
  • John Everson
  • T.W. Fendley
  • Frank Fradella
  • Cole Gibsen
  • Jimmy Gillentine
  • Jessica Haines and Mark Kaiser
  • Sara M. Harvey
  • Inkstained Succubus Press
  • Andrea Jones
  • Georgia L. Jones
  • Michales Joy
  • D. Anthony Mathenia
  • John McFarland
  • J.L. Mulvihill
  • New Babel Books
  • Quarterstaff Comics
  • T.K. Reilley
  • Seventh Star Press
  • Steven Shrewsbury
  • Rick Silva
  • Terry Sofian
  • Angelia Sparrow
  • Stache Publishing
  • Kit Tunstall
  • M.B. Weston
  • Rowena Wishom
  • Yard Dog Press
  • Stephen Zimmer